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Video Portrait Blueprint
So You Can Attract More Clients To 
Your Portrait & Family Photography Business Faster 
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Interested in the
Video Portrait Blueprint Course?
INCLUDED: How to keep your process simple so you can avoid tech overwhelm.
INCLUDED: How to use the gear you already have, so you don't have to spend any to make videos.
INCLUDED: Choose the best camera settings for video so you can optimize the quality of your videos (it's different from photo settings!).
INCLUDED: How to export, where to host and how to deliver your videos.
INCLUDED: How to edit to a song so you can infuse your videos with emotion.
INCLUDED: How to source music so you can always stay within copyright laws.
INCLUDED: How to tell a story with your videos so you can keep your viewers engaged and your clients happy.
INCLUDED: Set your clients’ expectations, so they always have a positive experience and hire you again.
INCLUDED: How to prepare for your video shoot so you can feel confident at each session.
INCLUDED: How to direct your clients in front of the camera so you can always make your clients look like professionals actors.
INCLUDED: My exact editing recipe so you can edit and export quality videos to your clients fast.
INCLUDED: How to simplify your production so you can spend less time filming and more time on life.
INCLUDED: How to create your a visual style with color and titles.
Normally $597
Anyone with a camera can call themselves a photographer. Not everyone with a camera can also be a videographer.

If you are willing to go where your competitor won't go, then you will be able to stand out in the saturated photography business. Clients are attracted to my business because my video work caught their eye--even if all they want is a photo session, they came to my website because they saw my video posted somewhere online.

Problem #2 Solved— RAISE YOUR PRICES
By adding only 30 minutes of filming to the end of a portrait session, you can double or triple the amount you charge for a session.

Yes, a 1-2 minute film doesn't take long if you have a plan. Can you imagine making 2 or 3 times as much for only 30 minutes of work? You client is already dressed for a photo session. Why not add video?

Problem #3 Solved— NO TECH OVERWHELM
I have streamlined my filming and editing process to eliminate tech overwhelm.

There are lots of video editing courses online, but the problem is that they teach you all of the bells and whistles of the editing program, not how to use the program in your business in an easy way. I show you my exact editing recipe to get you from A to Z without the frustration of a general video editing course.

"This is exactly what I needed to re-energize my photography business."

Lindy – Los Angeles, California

"I highly recommend! Amanda really knows her stuff and makes the lessons easy to follow."
Angela – Stamford, Connecticut
"I have taken things from every single lesson to implement into my portrait business."
Lauren – Rochester, New York

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You also get a 30 day money back guarantee. 
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